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Gelato and ice cream flavour trend predictions for 2021

Gelato and ice cream flavour trend predictions for 2021

Keeping on top of new trends and flavour innovations is important for every business.

Whilst you might feel confident that you know the likes and dislikes of your customer base, it’s always a good idea to research your market, as well as your competition, to see what’s trending and how you can adapt those trends onto your menus.

The last 12 months have turned the world on its head and have, consequently, shaped how consumers feel – and what they’re looking for when it comes to making food choices. Here, we reveal the key trends that are influencing the gelato category in 2021...

Plant power

The vegan revolution shows no sign of stopping, and demand for dairy-free gelato and ice cream will continue to rise this year.

A growing number of people are turning to plant-based diets, and they demand choice rather than one token vegan offering.

It’s a great opportunity to add exciting new flavour profiles onto your menu and the key to success lies in choosing the right milk. For example, soya milk works brilliantly with chocolate but not vanilla, which is best made using coconut milk. The Henley Bridge team can assist you as you embark on your vegan gelato journey, so do get in touch if you need any help.

Feed your mind

Health and wellbeing continue to influence the way we eat – and it’s a trend which extends to ice cream.

Consumers are looking for less sugar, healthier alternatives, even with their sweet treats, and in general, they’re seeking out foods which not only ‘fuel’ their bodies but also improve their mindset.

Mintel Food & Drink, explains, “In 2021 and beyond, expect to see food, drink, and foodservice brands offer moments of respite through product rituals and formulations that enhance stress relief activities. As the singular focus of avoiding Covid-19 fades, people will make more serious commitments to reduce the health risks associated with unhealthy eating, become more interested in mindful and intuitive eating, and seek proof and incentives through the use of technology.”

Added functional benefits such as protein, probiotics, hemp and CBD oil will be cropping up in an array of foodstuffs to meet this demand.

Mini splurge

One of the big trends for 2021 identified by thefoodpeople is “mini splurge”. As consumers are feeling the pinch and cutting back on big blowouts, they’re looking for small ways to upgrade everyday rituals. For example, plain black coffee gets upgraded to iced coffee with salted caramel foam; toast swaps out for bake-from-frozen chocolate croissants, or Friday night’s steak dinner is padded out with bone marrow gravy and truffle fries.

In gelato terms, this means a plain vanilla cone could be upgraded to an indulgent treat, with a premium waffle cone and a selection of decadent toppings.

Home delivery

The home delivery revolution has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the restaurant arena, businesses are turning to ghost kitchens and ‘delivery only’ concepts. But Friday night takeout is just the tip of the iceberg and consumers expect anything and everything to be delivered to their door – including their gelato...

Oh honey!

Hot honey is an American trend which has finally made its way over the pond, and onto our pizza, chicken wings and, perhaps surprisingly, ice cream! It’s essentially honey infused with chilli, which meets demand for the ‘sweet & heat’ trend. Try it rippled through vanilla or honey ice cream, or drizzled over grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream.

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