Meet Belcolade Amber
The chocolatiers at Belcolade are always beavering away on new ideas and their latest innovation is Amber – a white chocolate with a natural caramel flavour.

It’s been a real hit here at Henley Bridge.

First, it’s just downright tasty. Amber is a well-balanced Belgian white chocolate with a salted butter caramel flavour and vanilla notes. Whatsmore, that caramel taste comes purely from the way Amber is produced rather than through the addition of any flavourings. In fact, Amber is made using just five ingredients and has a high cocoa content (30% cocoa solids).

Amber is versatile too and the button format is easy to melt. We’ve been using it to make white chocolate bars and truffles (pairing it with raspberry works especially well), to flavour ice cream and mousses, and in ganache.

Best of all, Amber can be enjoyed in the knowledge that cocoa farming communities receive a fair deal and benefit from every sale. Read more about Belcolade’s Cacao Trace programme here:

Why not try it out today? Amber is available in 4kg packs here.

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