Egg-cellent ideas for Easter

Making the most of seasonal opportunities and key calendar dates is a great way to shake up your menu and maximise profits. Rather than being a ‘one day only’ opportunity, Easter spans the whole two weeks of the school holidays, so it’s worth investing a bit of extra thought and effort into creating a few limited edition offerings.


Vegan Easter treats cracked

This deliciously decadent chocolate Easter egg is guaranteed to be a hit with vegans and meat eaters alike - and works equally well as an eat-in dessert or take-home treat. With growing demand for plant-based treats, it’s important to ensure you are catering for all diets, including vegan and dairy-free. £610million worth of vegan products are due to be launched this year alone! The half Easter egg is made using Madagascan Vegan Milc Chocolate and filled with gelato made using Rubicone Vegan Milk Base. The ‘yolk’ is mango sorbet, which creates an authentic, glossy effect.

See the full vegan cream egg recipe

Hop to it

Younger customers will be bunny-hopping all the way to your shop to get their

‘paws’ on these Easter-inspired creations.

Whilst they might not be guaranteed to help them see in the dark, these Easter bunny carrot cones are a fun way to celebrate the season, and they’re super easy to make.

  •  First, take a cone and fill it with gelato. This can be any flavour you like but, for authenticity, why not try carrot cake flavour? (contact your sales manager for the recipe).
  • If you’re using soft serve, try to create ridges to emulate the shape of a carrot.
  • For an extra surprise, use the handle of a wooden spoon to make a well in the centre of the gelato to add some sauce.
  • Next, dip the gelato in orange coloured chocolate to create your ‘carrot’.
  • Finish by using some green sugar paste to create a carrot top.
  • Alternatively, you could top the gelato with your desired topping sauce and some sprinkles, and, if you wish, garnish with a real baby carrot complete with leaves.

Top Tip

Send a photo of your Easter offerings to local newspapers and magazines. They’re always looking for eye-catching images to highlight big calendar events, so it’s a brilliant way of generating some free publicity. Feature local people in the photos (with their permission of course). Monthly magazines will need the images at least a month ahead of their publication date so make sure you’re organised well in advance.

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