Grand Designs

Creating beautiful designs on your chocolate bars doesn’t need to be an expensive part of the process.

Here are our top tips and some surprising tools of the trade to make your next creation beautiful!

Toothbrush – Using a brand new toothbrush (strictly for chocolate) dip the toothbrush into a little cocoa butter then use a knife to run down the bristles to create a fine, flecked look.

Sponges – Using a range of different textured sponges can create amazing looks. Simply dab into coloured cocoa butter then press into your moulds. This technique can also be used to build up multiple colours. Let the first colour set before adding the next one.

Gloved finger – Using your fingers to create a smeared effect. As with sponges, this technique can be used to build up eye-catching layers of different colours.

Piping bags – We can also pipe in different designs, for example alternate chocolate lines.

Brushes - Brushes are a great way to create brush lines and smeared effects. Experiment with different brush widths for a variety of effects.

Airbrush – Using an airbrush or a spray gun will give you a clean solid colour effect. Spraying only one end of the mould will create an ombre effect


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