Shake things up

Shake things up

Create a stir with clever cocktails by Nick Robinson, Incognito Prosecco & Gin Parlour.
Two chocolate cocktails in martini glasses topped with three large marshmallows. A Christmas hat and baubles are in the background.

Cocktail and drinking trends for 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic that hit us this year has changed consumers’ drinking habits and will have a big influence on how and what we drink in the coming year…
A selection of vegan pastry cups with fillings

Perfecting plant-based this Christmas

Dietary Requirements
Perfecting plant-based this Christmas by Matt Turner of the Vegan Society 
Strawberry and yogurt chocolate bar

Decadence defined - giving your chocolate a USP


As chocolatiers we are constantly hunting for the next big thing and striving to up our game.


Beef and chestnut

How to work the Christmas magic - cool cost savings and hot profits

Essential Cuisine
Where has this year gone? One minute it was full of daffodils on the way to work and the next minute we have to plan for turkey and crackers!