A dark chocolate mousse shaped into a square with a mandarin gel, cherry jam and crunchy popping pieces centre. Coated in a red mirror glaze with white chocolate ribbon lines for detail. Garnished with fresh cherries.

Who doesn’t love presents? Who doesn’t love EDIBLE PRESENTS? This Christmas present has a very delicious surprise inside… read more to find out.


Prep time 1 hour | Freeze time 5 hours | Makes 8 presents


Dark chocolate mousse


170g whole milk

80g sugar

280g double cream (semi-whipped)

102g Sosa gelatin mass

220g Belcolade 70% dark chocolate (melted)

8g Sosa Natur Emul

30g sunflower oil

185g water

10g Sosa Albuwhip


Blend together the natur emul and sunflower oil, then add the melted chocolate and blend again to create emulsion.

Heat the milk to 70°c and add the gelatin mass.

Once the gelatin mass has melted add to the melted chocolate and blend again to ensure fully incorporated.

Meanwhile, whisk together the water and the albuwhip in the Kitchen Aid, once half whipped start adding the sugar slowly and whip for five more minutes on medium speed until the meringue is fully formed.

Fold this mixture into the chocolate mixture then finally fold through the semi-whipped cream. Pipe into the mould, add cube inserts and place in the freezer.


Mandarin gel


200g Leoncé Blanc mandarin puree

50g stock syrup

15g Sosa Gelcrem Cold


Mix all the ingredients together with a hand blender and blend until a smooth consistency is reached, leave for 30 minutes to hydrate and blend again.

Place layer into smaller cube mould and freeze.


Cherry jam


340g Leoncé Blanc cherry puree

65g sugar

2.6g Sosa fruit pectin NH

0.75g Sosa citric acid

0.75g water

50g fresh chopped cherries


Combine pectin and sugar, heat the puree and fresh chopped cherries to 40°c and add the pectin and sugar mixture slowly whilst constantly whisking.

Bring to the boil and simmer for 30 seconds.

Remove from the heat.

Combine the water and citric acid and add to the mixture. Pour layers into the smaller cube mould and place into the freezer.


Crunchy and popping pieces


100g Belcolade dark chocolate

50g Sosa chocolate coated popping candy

15g Sosa Airbag potato (fried)

20g Sosa cherry crispies


Combine all the ingredients into a thin layer in a mould.




Irca Mirror Shine neutral glaze

Sosa red colouring

Becolade White chocolate


Once the layered cube is fully frozen place on a cooling rack with a tray underneath. Heat the glaze to 50c to activate the pectin inside and pour over the frozen mousse cube. Once glazed pipe the melted white chocolate in a design across the top while the glaze is still wet.



Fresh cherries


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