A rectangular shaped hazelnut mousse, gazed with the blitz gold glitter glaze. Surrounded by crushed roasted hazelnuts. A quarter has been cut off to reveal the three-layered filling - maple jelly, pear gel and crunchy hazelnuts.

A slice of vegan heaven. This delicious recipe will see all your guests coming back for more with its creamy hazelnut mousse and surprise layers inside.

Prep time 1 hour | Freeze time 5 hours | Makes 8 slices


Hazelnut mousse


140g Sosa roasted hazelnut paste

190g rice milk

3.5g Sosa Natur Emul

7.5g Sosa Vegan Mousse Gelatin

75g water

4g Sosa Potatowhip

65g sugar

20g Sosa Inulin Cold

1g salt



Blend together the nut paste and natur emul. Bring to the boil the rice milk and Vegan Mousse Gelatine.

Once boiled add to first mixture and blend. In a kitchen aid bowl combine the water, salt and potatowhip and whisk.

When the mixture is about halfway start slowly adding the inulin and sugar and whisk for 10 minutes further.

Once the first mixture has reached 55-60°c pour into the meringue on low speed until fully incorporated.

Take the mixture off machine, place in mould and freeze.

Maple jelly


100g water

150g maple syrup

10g Sosa Veggie Gel



Bring all ingredients to the boil and pour into the mould.


Pear gel


200g Leoncé Blanc pear puree

50g stock syrup

10g Sosa Gelcrem Cold



Blend together all ingredients with hand blender, then leave the mixture to hydrate for at least 30 minutes then blend again.

Place the gel into mould and freeze as insert.


Crunchy hazelnut


100g Chocolat Madagascar Vegan Milc

40g Irca praline noisette (hazelnut)

75g chopped hazelnuts



Melt the Vegan Milc chocolate and incorporate all other ingredients until all the hazelnuts are fully coated.

Set the mixture into a square tart ring and place into mould once set.


Irca gold glitter glaze



Once your layered slice is fully compiled and completely frozen, place on a cooling rack with a tray underneath.

Heat the glaze up to 50°c to activate the pectin inside the product before pouring over frozen mousse slice.



Crushed roasted hazelnuts.


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