A Barbara Decor white chocolate bracelet filled with raspberry chocolate mousse

These delicate chocolate bracelets are ready to be filled with your choice of creative filling. We've created some super tasty mousse bites, with bags of flavour and visual appeal.

Raspberry chocolate mousse


Barbara Decor White chocolate bracelets
125g Milk
25g Sosa Pro-Mousse
8g Sosa Instangel
135g Belcolade White Chocolate (melted)
10g Sosa Raspberry paste
210g Whipped Cream



Blend together the milk, pro-mousse, Instangel and raspberry paste for a couple of minutes, add the melted white chocolate.

Fold through the whipped cream and place in a piping bag and place in the fridge for 30 minutes to set up.

Once set pipe the mousse into the white bracelet and finish each end with Sosa raspberry crispies.

Try using the Barbara Decor dark bracelets.

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