Gelato chocolate pine cones

These gelato filled chocolate pine cones are a match made in culinary heaven, marrying the sumptuous flavours of salted caramel and pecan nuts.

Salted caramel and pecan gelato


1 litre of Rubicone white base

30g Joypaste dulce de leche

4g fine sea salt

On extraction, add chopped Caramelised pecan nuts


Fill a piping bag with salted caramel and pecan gelato and pipe into your mould (trying to eliminate any air pockets).

When about half full use a teaspoon to push the ice cream to the outside of the mould and then you can pipe in a small amount of Joycream Fleur de Sel into the void.

Finish filling with the gelato to top off the soft centre and then into the blast freezer.

To finish, spray with brown coloured cocoa butter for a rustic look.


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