Milk chocolate pistachio & orange fudge

Fudge makes the perfect homemade gift for Christmas. This delicious offering is milk chocolate, pistachio and orange but the recipe can easily be adapted for white or dark chocolate, or you can substitute the fruit and nuts for the flavours of your choice. Stored in an airtight tub this fudge will easily keep for a week. 

Prep time: 20 minutes | Cooking time: 10 minutes


Milk chocolate fudge
600g Caster sugar
300g double cream
200g Glucose
50g butter
280g Belcolade Milk chocolate
75g Pistachio nuts
75g Diced candied orange


Cook the sugar, butter, glucose and cream to 124c.  Make sure you stir it well and whisk once it boils otherwise it will catch in the pan.

Once at 124c remove from the heat add the chocolate, nuts and dried fruits.

Stir well until smooth and glossy, pour into a tray or dish to set overnight.

Cut as required the following day.

Top tips

You can substitute the nuts and fruits for anything you wish. You can add essences and spices too, so you end up with the flavour you desire.

It is also nice to sprinkle over the dried fruits or elements that you add to the mix for extra texture. Sprinkle lightly over the top before the mix starts to set. This looks beautiful when you cut your fudge.


Recipe courtesy of Sarah Mountain