Salmon and chive

A lovely light dish that combines the delicious flavours of salmon, chive and lemon.

Prep time 25 minutes | Cook time 8 minutes | Serves 4



800g Salmon fillet

1 lemon


Shallow fry the salmon in a little olive oil until the skin is crispy.

Turn the fillet over and cook for 1 minute more and then keep warm.

Chive pannacotta 


150ml double cream

50ml Noilly Prat vermouth

10g Essential Cuisine fish stock powder

1.25g Sosa pro pannacotta

5g chopped chives


Bring all the ingredients except the vermouth and chives to the boil, remove from heat and add the vermouth and chives then pour into small glass ramekins.


Place the fish on a plate alongside the chive pannacotta.

Cut the lemon in half and burn in a dry pan or using a blowtorch on the cut face and serve. 



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