A valencian almond praliné & vanilla snack bar laying diagonally across Norohy vanilla pods

The combination of soft vanilla praline and the sweet and crunchy almonds make this the perfect on the go snack.

Makes 34 - 17cm bars 

Whipped vanilla bean almond praliné


2100g 60% Almond praliné

750g milk chocolate 40%

32g Norohy vanilla


Melt the Milk Chocolate at 115°F (45°C), then mix into the praliné.

Add the split and scraped vanilla.

Temper to 75°F (24°C). Leave to set at 60°F (17°C).

Beat the praliné using the paddle attachment in a stand mixer.


Vanilla caramelized almond slivers  


220g Almond slivers

135g sugar

75g water

4g Norohy vanilla


Cook the sugar, water and scraped vanilla at 220°F (105°C).

Toast the almonds in the oven at 320°F (160°C), then add to the syrup.

Mix, then spread out onto a tray and leave to dry.




2000g  dark chocolate 66%


Coat a 40 × 40cm guitar sheet with some tempered dark chocolate.

Before the couverture sets, place two 1cm-tall ganache frames on top for a total height of 2cm.

Beat the whipped praliné, pour into the frame and smooth out. Leave to set.

Cut into 16.5 × 2cm bars.

Temper the couverture and coat the bars.

Before it sets, arrange approx. 15g of vanilla almonds on each  bar. 

Set aside.


Recipe courtesy of Norohy