A vanilla roulade decorated with vanilla chocolate petals

This vanilla roulade uses delicate flavours and intricate chocolate work to take this classic dessert from standard to showstopping!

Makes 9 | Serves 6 

Viennese biscuit


235g egg yolks

625g eggs

490g Sugar

390g egg whites

160g Sugar

315g Pastry flour


Whisk the yolks, eggs and the larger portion of sugar in a stand mixer.

Separately whisk the egg whites and add the smaller portion of sugar until stiff peaks.

Mix the stiffened whites with the other mixture and finally add the sifted flour.

Weigh the biscuit batter and spread out evenly over a silicone tray.

Bake the biscuit at 445°F (230°C) for 4 minutes in a  convection oven. You will need 700g per 40 × 60cm tray.


Vanilla syrup


800g water

400g Sugar

8g Norohy vanilla


Boil the water with the sugar and vanilla seeds. Place in the refrigerator.


White chocolate & vanilla whipped ganache


1000g whipping cream 35%

100g Sosa invert sugar

100g Sosa glucose syrup

680g white chocolate 33%

1500g whipping cream 35%

32g Norohy vanilla


Bring the cream, invert sugar and glucose mixture to a boil and infuse the split and scraped vanilla beans.

Gradually combine the boiling mixture with the couverture, mixing in the centre to obtain a smooth, shiny, elastic texture. Continue, adding the liquid in increments. Mix using an immersion blender to form a perfect emulsion.

Add the cold whipping cream then mix again.

Store in the refrigerator and leave to set, preferably overnight. Whip until firm.


Vanilla chocolate petals


2,000g white chocolate 33%

8g Norohy vanilla


Temper the white chocolate and add in the vanilla seeds.

Use a piping bag to pipe dabs of vanilla-speckled white chocolate onto 6cm-wide guitar sheets. Cover with another sheet, then use a flat-bottomed glass or a stainless-steel pastry tamper to smooth out the couverture until you obtain 2mm-thick round petal shapes.

Place these in a curved mold so that your petals take on a curved shape. Set aside.


Caranoa crispy clusters


300g Crispy wheat flake cereal

120g caramel flavoured dark chocolate 55%


Melt and temper the dark chocolate, then add in the crispy wheat flake cereals.

Roll in sugar until you obtain small crispy clusters.

Set aside.



Assembly and finishing


700g Viennese Biscuit (3 layers)

650g white chocolate and vanilla whipped ganache (per yule log)

210g Crispy Clusters (per yule log)

400g Syrup (per sheet)


Cut the biscuit into 35 × 54cm sheets. Steep each biscuit sheet in 400g of vanilla syrup.

Spread on 650g of whipped ganache, followed by a sprinkling of crispy clusters, making sure to keep some for the decoration. Roll up as you would a traditional Yule log.

Squeeze the log to ensure an even shape and place in a large U-shaped mold. Store in the refrigerator.

Cover the logs’ exposed parts with the remaining white chocolate and vanilla whipped cream. Decorate with vanilla chocolate petals.


Recipe courtesy of Norohy