Earthy venison with a light gin foam

A delicious venison loin with a gin and juniper foam served with chocolate rocks and a beetroot rosti.

Prep time 30 minutes | Cooking time 25 minutes | Serves 5


1 venison loin (1kg cooked to 55 degrees medium rare)
Blackberries to garnish


Chocolate rocks


Crimson red deZaan cocoa powder (for dusting)
100g Belcolade 80% chocolate melted
Sosa maltosec (add until a dough like consistency)


Melt the chocolate.

Add the maltosec spoon by spoon until you reach a dough like consistency that is not sticky.

Roughly shape into rock like forms.

Place them in the fridge to set up (approx.15 minutes).

Once set, roll the rocks in cocoa powder to finish.




15g Essential Cuisine game stock
1 ltr Essential Cuisine signature veal stock


Bring both to the boil and reduce to sufficiently coat the back of a spoon.

Gin and juniper foam


3g Sosa sucro emul
150ml pink gin
50ml stock syrup
2 juniper berries


Blend all the ingredients together with a hand blender. Then, using a pump kit, make small bubbles in a narrow jug or glass.

Beetroot rosti


Grated potato
Grated beetroot
Salt and pepper
Butter (for frying)


Squeeze any excess water from the potato and beetroot then using a metal ring, make discs about 1 cm thick.

Fry in butter until golden brown and cooked through.


Roll the cooked venison in cocoa powder before carving.

Place the carved meat in to the centre of the plate, arrange the rocks around the venison and spoon the foam onto the meat. Finish with sauce and garnish with blackberries. 


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