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Milk chocolate (30.7%) buttons
Milk chocolate (30.7%) buttons
Milk chocolate (30.7%) buttons

Callebaut | Recipe 665 | Milk chocolate (30.7%) buttons | 10kg

SKU : BC.66510

  • GF Gluten free
  • NF Nut Free
  • PO Palm free
  • PF Peanut free
  • K Kosher
  • VG Vegetarian
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Product details
Barry Callebaut might sound like someone you'd meet down the pub, but is actually the world's largest chocolate manufacturer. As a chocolate powerhouse with over 100 years' experience, Barry Callebaut delivers quality and consistency every time.
• Belgian milk chocolate (30.7%) buttons
• Made to Callebaut's recipe number 665 using their unique Wieze blend of cocoa beans. A great all-round milk chocolate, 665 has a warm, light brown colour and a mild, creamy cocoa taste with caramel notes
• Easy-to-melt format makes perfect for creating chocolate confectionery or flavouring bakery products, ice cream and desserts
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