Tree-mendous showstopper

If you’re in search of a festive showstopper for your shop window or table centerpiece, look no further than this stunning chocolate pine tree.

It also makes a beautiful Christmas gift.

1. Using tempered chocolate (we used Belcolade Amber chocolate), fill a piping bag and pipe in lines, from the centre of the circle out, to create a circle. Keep it fairly rustic - it can help drawing the circles on a piece of paper to use underneath your acetate to help keep in mind the sizes when cascading down.

2. After you have piped your circle shape, add your inclusions before the chocolate sets. We used pistachios, dried cranberries and crisp pearls, however, you can use as many or as few inclusions as you wish (for inspiration, check out the array of decorations available on our website).

3. Next, pipe a base for you to start building up the layers on to.

4. Once all sizes are decorated, leave the chocolate to fully set. This should take around one hour in a chocolate fridge.

5. Once all the layers are fully set, you can start constructing your tree. Place some tempered chocolate in a piping bag. Pipe a small pea size amount onto the base and place on top your largest. Add another pea sized amount of chocolate to the centre of the largest circle and proceed with the next size, making sure to carefully balance and ensure it is stuck. Continue with this using all your circles until your tree is fully constructed.

6. Once completely constructed, leave your tree to fully set.


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