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Have yourself a very vegan Christmas

There are currently 1.5 million people in the UK following a vegan diet, according to research by Finder and it’s a rapidly increasing customer base that cannot be ignored.

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It’s a small world

Street food trends and alfresco dining are going to soar this Christmas and into 2022 as we continue to emerge out of the pandemic.

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Brewing up perfection

Tea is the perfect winter warmer, the go-to daily refreshment for 84% of UK consumers.

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Cool cakesicles

Essentially a cake on a stick encased in a chocolate coating, these fun sweet treats provide the perfect blank canvas for you to put your stamp on.

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The Dilmah story

Introducing the world’s first genuinely ethical tea brand.

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Turning over a new leaf after lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic has raised awareness of the need to follow a healthy lifestyle in order to help protect ourselves from the virus and, as we emerge out of lockdown, the focus on good nutrition and hydration will be ever-present. 

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Ice cream that’s full of beans

Coffee and gelato are a winning double act, either served side by side as a pairing – or combined to make coffee-flavoured ice cream. 

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The case for premium

Alongside their mainline products, Pidy also offer a premium range ‘Selection by Pidy’ aimed specifically at high-end restaurants and hotels, where luxury is an absolute priority.

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A history of the ice cream cone

Where would we be without the humble ice cream cone? A mainstay of the global snacking market, this clever carrier evolved over many decades and, like many pioneering food innovations today, it began its journey on the city street.

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Cacao with conscience

As the UK’s largest independent chocolate distributor, we know a thing or two about cacao, so when we were offered the exclusive opportunity to launch one of South America’s most exciting high-end chocolate product ranges, we literally went into meltdown with elation!

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Norohy vanilla fusion

Organic vanilla paste, using all parts of the vanilla pod

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Dom Pacello Royal Orange soufflé

Making a soufflé is actually a simple process, despite its reputation! Crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, a soufflé, can be filled with a variety of your favourite ingredients, the choice is yours.

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Duck à l’orange with Dom Pacello Royal Orange

A classic french recipe duck à l’orange features roasted duck with a crispy, crackling skin glazed with an orange sauce.

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Griottines black forest mini dessert

These black forest cake mini desserts are simply delicious with layers of chocolate sponge, chocolate mousse and vanilla panna cotta. 

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Halloween pumpkin cupcake

Nothing says Halloween like these delicious pumpkin cupcakes. Decorate with the chocolate bat for a truly spooktacular experience!

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Soya polar

This cute polar bear makes us think of winter and snow which in turn represents Christmas.

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Christmas Bundt cake

A Bundt cake tin produces beautiful cakes with curves and crevices that is enough to catch everyone's eye.

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Do you wanna build a snowman?

These cute snowmen are sure to be a real winner with the kids (and adults!). Deliciously filled with mulled cider and apple filling and apple flavoured chocolate ganache, they make a fabulous Christmas gift or as a sweet treat.

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Figgy pudding ice cream

Ice cream and gelato sales are rising year on year, so make sure it’s part of your Christmas offering.

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Game terrine with a chicken and pistachio mousse

This terrine is a tasty blend of meaty flavours that’s surprisingly simple to put together. The pear and fruit sauce add a sweet touch to this savoury dish. Game terrine is perfect served with fresh salad leaves for a light lunch.

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Timeless truffles

These melt in the mouth truffles are fun to make and are ideal as a Christmas gift for family and friends. They look great popped into a clear bag with a festive ribbon.

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Provençale San Marzano tomato wholemeal tart

This tomato tart is a great dish served as a starter or with a green salad for a tasty lunch but most importantly don’t forget to serve with a chilled glass of crisp rosé wine.

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Video library View all

Moulding and capping chocolate

Join Samantha Rain, Henley Bridge's Development Chef as she shares how to mould and cap chocolate.

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Coloured cocoa butter designs

Join Samantha Rain, Henley Bridge's Development Chef as she shares how to use coloured cocoa butter to make custom designs. 

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Make and glaze a gelato cake

Join Steve Carrigan, Henley Bridge's Gelato & Ice Cream Technician as he shares how to make and glaze a gelato cake.

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Vegan hazelnut spread

Join Samantha Rain, Henley Bridge's Development Chef as she shares how to make vegan hazelnut spread.

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Premium soft serve, chocolate dipped, toffee filled cones

Join Steve Carrigan, Henley Bridge's Gelato & Ice Cream Technician as he shares how to make premium soft serve, chocolate dipped, toffee filled cones.

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Premium soft serve gelato filled doughnuts

Join Steve Carrigan, Henley Bridge's Gelato & Ice Cream Technician as he shares how to make premium soft serve gelato filled doughnuts.

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