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Sweet success: Gelato Master journey

Steve Carrigan has achieved a feat that marks both a personal and professional milestone: becoming a Gelato Master!

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Seasonal ice cream tips and tricks

Stir up sweet surprises this spring & summer! We're getting prepared to help you make the most of the approaching ice cream high season.

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Cacao as a commodity

It’s impossible not to notice that the price of chocolate has risen exponentially over the last 12 months. Here we provide an update on the current trading situation.

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CasaLuker rebrand to Luker Chocolate

CasaLuker, the family-run Colombian chocolate manufacturer brings 110 years of chocolate expertise with its B2B business Luker Chocolate, offering single-origin chocolate to countries around the world.

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Rainbow Dust - a colourful new range lands at Henley Bridge

Joining the Rainbow Dust revolution, we are delighted to welcome a vibrant new range of food colourings and glitters, elevating ordinary creations to extraordinary ones.

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Cesarin - a fruity new addition to Henley Bridge

Henley Bridge are thrilled to introduce a fruity new addition to their expanding range of products - welcome Cesarin!

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Henley Bridge welcome an exclusive new range from Prova Gourmet

We are delighted to unveil an exclusive new range of vanilla and coffee ingredients from Prova Gourmet

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Norte Eurocao joins Henley Bridge

To kick off 2024 we’re shaking things up with a brand-new chocolate collection to further support customers who are feeling the pinch of the cost of living crisis.

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Helping to combat inflation

At this unprecedented time, when food production and delivery costs remain high, here's what we're doing to help ease some of the pressure for our customers... 

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Big success for LittlePod

Our friends, LittlePod, are celebrating after being named amongst the first-ever winners of the King’s Award for Enterprise (Sustainable Development).

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Championing culinary excellence

Henley Bridge were once again the proud sponsor of the Plated Dessert competition at salon Culinaire.

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Essential Cuisine wins "Company Award"

Essential Cuisine won the "Company Award" at the recent Craft Guild of Chefs AGM.

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Samantha Rain wins gold with the England Culinary team

Our super-talented Development Chef Samantha Rain and the England National Culinary Team struck gold after an impressive team performance at the Culinary World Cup

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Damien Wager cocoa connoisseur

Damien Wager is a Chef Partner at deZaan and a self-taught pastry chef. Here, he shares his thoughts on the versatility of cocoa powder.

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The Burnt Chef

Challenging the stigma of mental health

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Recipes View all

Blue ombre cupcakes

Discover the simple steps to create these stunning and irresistibly delicious blue ombre cupcakes, perfect for adding a pop of colour to any celebration. Made with Rainbow Dust's sapphire blue ProGel, these enchanting treats not only captivate the eyes with their gradient shades of blue but also promise a heavenly blend of flavour in every bite.

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Caramel sparkle doughnuts

These delectable doughnuts are a symphony of sweet flavours, boasting a luscious caramel flavour that harmonises perfectly with the irresistible golden belle sparkle dust on top, from our Rainbow Dust range.

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Tumbling tower of eggs

Take your Easter celebrations to the next level with this tumbling tower of eggs recipe - a masterpiece where layers of white, milk, and dark chocolate combine to create a blend of magnificent flavours.

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Mum’s Hamper

Crafted with care, every element of our Mother's Day Hamper is a testament of love. This stunning gift hamper is the ideal present to share with the special mother figure in your life.

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A berry good Easter egg

Experience the sublime with our Raspberry Egg: expertly crafted white chocolate with a burst of vibrant raspberry flavour, offering a delightful sensory journey in every bite.

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Petit cocoa and spiced caramel entremets for two

Indulge in this Crimson Red mousse with a spiced caramel cremeux with a glossy red caramel glaze and finished off with a touch of red almond tuille.

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Raspberry and cocoa heart

Experience perfection with this buttery crisp pastry, paired with rich crimson red mousseline and a raspberry cocoa cremeux insert to finish things off.

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Cocoa whiskey and pink pepper parfait entremet

Take in this simple cocoa dessert, featuring rounded chocolate notes, a pink pepper tuile brought together by whiskey cremeux, and a touch of lemon.

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Lemon and lime snowballs

Tantalise your taste buds with a burst of citrusy vibrance and creamy indulgence, all in one delightful snowball.

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Christmas nut roast

Try this festive nut roast recipe that's fit for the nutcracker prince! Served with chermoula roasted potatoes.

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Rudolph's nose

Add a touch of playfulness to your chocolate collection this festive season with the help of these delightful Rudolph's noses.

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Trio of beetroot tart

Elevate your festive menu and leave your diner's taste buds dancing with joy by serving them this delightful beetroot and goat's cheese tart.

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Rum and raisin Christmas tree bars

Experience the warmth of the holidays with our vegan-friendly rum and raisin Christmas tree bars!

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Christmas turkey curry risotto

As the festive season approaches, why not break away from tradition with this mouth-watering Christmas turkey curry risotto?

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Roasted pumpkin, chestnut, cranberry and Gorgonzola risotto

Embrace the flavours of the season with this comforting risotto. Gallo's risotto rice creates the perfect base, combined with a delightful medley of delicious flavours.

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Trio of mushroom

Try this delightful trio of mushrooms; including king oyster mushroom 'scallops' and crispy enoki mushrooms, served alongside a mushroom and soy gel. 

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Spiced chermoula gammon

Add some extra zing to your gammon by using chermoula spice rub.

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Braised beef cheek, celeriac and potato rosti

The beef cheeks are marinated overnight, but it is definitely worth the wait!

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Chicken, sweetcorn and mango salsa

This mango fruit puree works beautifully with the chicken and creates a light, delicious dish.

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Video library View all

Moulding and capping chocolate

Join Samantha Rain, Henley Bridge's Development Chef as she shares how to mould and cap chocolate.

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Coloured cocoa butter designs

Join Samantha Rain, Henley Bridge's Development Chef as she shares how to use coloured cocoa butter to make custom designs. 

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Make and glaze a gelato cake

Join Steve Carrigan, Henley Bridge's Gelato & Ice Cream Technician as he shares how to make and glaze a gelato cake.

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Vegan hazelnut spread

Join Samantha Rain, Henley Bridge's Development Chef as she shares how to make vegan hazelnut spread.

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Premium soft serve, chocolate dipped, toffee filled cones

Join Steve Carrigan, Henley Bridge's Gelato & Ice Cream Technician as he shares how to make premium soft serve, chocolate dipped, toffee filled cones.

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Premium soft serve gelato filled doughnuts

Join Steve Carrigan, Henley Bridge's Gelato & Ice Cream Technician as he shares how to make premium soft serve gelato filled doughnuts.

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