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New DGF range

We've added five brand new products to our DGF collection. Bursting with delicious flavour, find inspiration in this new range.

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Filippo Berio collection

Discover the delicious world of Filippo Berio olive oils, flavour-infused oils and vinegars

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SOC Chef

Dive into the art of gastronomy with SOC Chef! Discover high-quality culinary ingredients from natural origins.

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Cutting culinary costs

Creative solutions to cut costs whilst keeping quality high

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Scoop up the fun!

Explore the creamy delights of our gelato and ice cream ingredients

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Luker Chocolate: The Chocolate Dream

Changing the world through the power of chocolate, Luker Chocolate craft single-origin Fine Flavour Cocoa with their sustainability programme, developing the whole cocoa chain for the better.

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Henley Bridge expands DGF range

We're expanding our range of DGF products to welcome some delicious new additions. From pastes, creams, fillings and chips, we've got you covered for a whole wealth of applications.

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The Puratos Cacao-Trace programme

Leading the way in sustainable practices, within the cocoa supply chain. Puratos' revolutionary programme creates chocolate that tastes great and does good.

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Prova Gourmet - vanilla price drop

We're happy to deliver great news for vanilla lovers. Vanilla, in particular, Madagascan vanilla is experiencing a significant decrease.

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A taste of Tuscany - Filippo Berio joins Henley Bridge

We're proud to welcome Filippo Berio, a company rich in heritage, to our ever-expanding range.

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Creative solutions to cut costs

Here we rise to the challenge, offering top tips to reduce costs while keeping quality high.

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Sweet success: Gelato Master journey

Steve Carrigan has achieved a feat that marks both a personal and professional milestone: becoming a Gelato Master!

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Seasonal ice cream tips and tricks

Stir up sweet surprises this spring & summer! We're getting prepared to help you make the most of the approaching ice cream high season.

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Cacao as a commodity

It’s impossible not to notice that the price of chocolate has risen exponentially over the last 12 months. Here we provide an update on the current trading situation.

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CasaLuker rebrand to Luker Chocolate

CasaLuker, the family-run Colombian chocolate manufacturer brings 110 years of chocolate expertise with its B2B business Luker Chocolate, offering single-origin chocolate to countries around the world.

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Rainbow Dust - a colourful new range lands at Henley Bridge

Joining the Rainbow Dust revolution, we are delighted to welcome a vibrant new range of food colourings and glitters, elevating ordinary creations to extraordinary ones.

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Cesarin - a fruity new addition to Henley Bridge

Henley Bridge are thrilled to introduce a fruity new addition to their expanding range of products - welcome Cesarin!

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The Burnt Chef

Challenging the stigma of mental health

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Recipes View all

Hot chocolate affogato

A heavenly blend of vanilla bean ice cream, aromatic espresso and single origin hot chocolate. All you need to indulge your taste buds.

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Griddled peach salad with cashew cheese

A flavourful salad with warm, griddled peaches and Tenderstem broccoli - this dish is a delicious and nutritious option, year-round.

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A traditional and tantalizing treat, the crispy pastry gives way to a sweet filling sprinkled with chunky chocolate, candied orange and pistachio pieces.

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Stracciatella olive oil ice cream

Where sweet indulgence meets the unexpected twist of a fine olive oil, this delicious ice cream is made with coconut milk enhanced with Madagascan vanilla, flavoured with Filippo Berio's classic olive oil and complete with a dark vegan chocolate.

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Olive oil panna cotta

The subtle fruity notes of Filippo Berio's Extra Virgin olive oil infuse this classic Italian panna cotta.

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Blue ombre cupcakes

Discover the simple steps to create these stunning and irresistibly delicious blue ombre cupcakes, perfect for adding a pop of colour to any celebration. Made with Rainbow Dust's sapphire blue ProGel, these enchanting treats not only captivate the eyes with their gradient shades of blue but also promise a heavenly blend of flavour in every bite.

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Caramel sparkle doughnuts

These delectable doughnuts are a symphony of sweet flavours, boasting a luscious caramel flavour that harmonises perfectly with the irresistible golden belle sparkle dust on top, from our Rainbow Dust range.

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Petit cocoa and spiced caramel entremets for two

Indulge in this Crimson Red mousse with a spiced caramel cremeux with a glossy red caramel glaze and finished off with a touch of red almond tuille.

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Raspberry and cocoa heart

Experience perfection with this buttery crisp pastry, paired with rich crimson red mousseline and a raspberry cocoa cremeux insert to finish things off.

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Spiced chermoula gammon

Add some extra zing to your gammon by using chermoula spice rub.

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