Bakery & pastry

Cornflour maize starch
Soft white fondant tape
BFP | Plain white flour | 16kg
Strawberry glaze
Artisan's Choice | Plain white flour | 2.5kg
Neutral glaze
Fondant Patissier
Artisans Choice | Baker's strong flour | 16kg
BFP | Self raising flour | 16kg
BFP | Baker's strong flour | 16kg
White chocolate filling paste
BFP | Bread flour | 16kg
Artisan's Choice | Wholemeal flour | 2.5kg
Apricot glaze
Irca ready made florentine ingredient
Organic icing sugar
Extra white glaze
Mixed pack of 220 macarons - vanilla, chocolate, pistachio and strawberry
Nelstrops | Self raising flour | 1.5kg
Nelstrops | Plain white flour | 1.5kg
Belgosuc hard white fondant tape 12.5kg packaging
Pidy mini 4.5cm round meringue ingredient
Gold glitter glaze
Renshaw | Ready-to-use white icing | 250g
Caramel glaze

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