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RAK Porcelain has been a pioneering force in the tableware industry, they are known for their innovative approach as well as commitment to producing high-quality porcelain products. We have partnered with RAK as they share our vision of placing customers at the forefront of everything we do. RAK's drive for excellence and innovation pushes them to continually strive for better, setting them apart as a leader in the industry.

Sustainability the RAK way 

RAK holds sustainability at its core, with a focus on leveraging its products and expertise to create a positive environmental impact, they are keen to invite others within the food industry to join their mission of sustainability. RAK uses porcelain across their product lines which is known to be environmentally friendly and incredibly durable.

Innovation is also at the heart of RAK's philosophy as they serve as a pioneer in introducing high-tech solutions designed to reshape the industry. RAK serves the food and service industry with a high-quality and innovative customer focused approach.

Discover the RAK collection 

The Bone China collection celebrates culinary creativity, making your dishes stand out. It's lightweight yet sturdy, with excellent chip resistance and a beautiful, bright finish. Made from natural mineral powder, it's both elegant and durable.

Bone China
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The RAK Earth collection draws inspiration from the world around us to create this unique collection. It's made from fine raw materials and features an exclusive matte glazing process developed by RAK Research and Development. This makes it look like real terracotta and clay while still being smooth and durable like porcelain.

RAK Earth

The RAKstone collection was born from the creation of a new material. RAK has created a new material to make plates and bowls that bring people together without breaking the bank. They're made with high-quality materials in earthy colors, inspired by traditional pottery.

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The Polaris collection is driven by RAK's dedication to creating unique and excellent tableware. Using their research and development team's expertise to create gleaming white porcelain. It is incredibly strong in line with their vision of sustainable produce.


Featured with Henley Bridge  

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