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We quite like planet earth
and aim to minimise our impact on it

Here at Henley Bridge we believe in behaving decently and doing the right thing.
That means treating the environment with respect, treating people with respect
and generally making a positive contribution to society.

That’s a mindset, not a project. A job that’s never done, because all of us can always do more.

So, to guide us on our journey and drive continuous improvement, we’ve made three commitments.

 • We’ll eliminate our environmental impact, being carbon-neutral and waste-neutral by 2025

• We’ll contribute to the community, using our time, expertise and resources to positively impact our local area

• We’ll make Henley Bridge a place where people thrive and love coming to work. We’ll pay a decent wage.

We’ll invest in people’s well-being and personal development. And we’ll work as a collective, behaving with transparency and engaging everyone in decisions

These aren’t just empty words. Every year, we’ll publish a report detailing progress in each of these three areas so that we can be held accountable. Some highlights from 2020 so far include:

• Moving the majority of deliveries to 100% recycled and recyclable packaging
• Digitising operations to dramatically reduce paper use
• Beginning to transition our field-sales team to hybrid and electric cars
• Eliminating single use packaging within our office
There’s a way to go, but we’re making progress and are determined to do more.

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