Inclusions & decorations

Dark chocolate shavings
White chocolate shavings
Dark chocolate chunks
Roasted and blanched hazelnuts
Milk chocolate (28.9%) chunks
Irca Milk Chocolate Scaglietta Flakes
Milk chocolate shavings
Paillete Feuilletine biscuit crumb
Roasted hazelnut grains
Pecan nut halves
Callebaut milk chocolate curls packagingCallebaut milk chocolate curls ingredient
Candied orange discs
Callebaut white chocolate curls packagingCallebaut white chocolate curls ingredient
Desiccated coconut (fine)
Bakestable caramel fudge cubes (5mm)
Raw pistachio nut kernels
White chocolate scaglietta flakes
Hazelnuts with skins on
Dried cranberries
Rose & lemon Turkish Delight
Candied orange peel strips
Dark chocolate scaglietta flakes

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