Valentines Day

Barbara Decor | Marbled chocolate twister roll | 625 pieces
Barbara Decor | Handmade white chocolate rose (30 mm)  | 48 pieces
Powdered natural food colouring - pinkSosa pink food colouring powder natural ingredient
Raspberry fruit puree
Strawberry fruit puree
Belcolade | 100% pure cocoa butter buttons | 4kg
Caramel flavour paste
Red berry fruit puree
Fondant Patissier
Rose flavour paste
Powdered food colouring - gold
Raspberry pieces (5 x 5 x 4mm)
Madagascan milk chocolate (80%) block
Mixed pack of 220 macarons - vanilla, chocolate, pistachio and strawberry
Whole dried apricots
Banoffee flavour paste

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