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Customisable chocolate decor

Add some flair to your creations by personalising your chocolate decor. From minimalist and elegant to bold and colourful, the only limit is your imagination!

Having personalised, ready-to-go decor will allow you to create a premium experience for your customers giving your creations that extra-special finishing touch (and in turn increase your margin) whilst saving precious time in the kitchen.

Why customise your chocolate decor?

To sign your creations and create range consistency. 

To set your creations apart from your

To highlight all the delicious flavours you offer. 

Simple customisation 

Choice of type

(Transfer or decor)

Choice of shape

(Oval, square, circle, rectangular
& much more)

Choice of design

(Text or logo)

Choice of colour / chocolate

Choice of packaging

(Industrial box, normal box or small box)

Interested in customisation?

Get a quote now

Take your custom decor to the next level 

Our teams can help you with the design and production of your complex custom projects.

Technical achievements

Inspiration drawn from everywhere

Creation of decoration ranges

Practical info

 All personalised decor orders are subject to a minimum order quantity.

Proofs will be provided for sign off by the customer before production can begin.

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