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Casa Luker roasted cocoa nibs packaging
Casa Luker roasted cocoa nibs packaging
Casa Luker roasted cocoa nibs packaging

Luker Chocolate | Roasted cocoa nibs | 1kg and 18kg


  • DF Dairy free
  • GF Gluten free
  • NF Nut Free
  • PO Palm free
  • PF Peanut free
  • K Kosher
  • V Vegan
  • VG Vegetarian
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Luker Chocolate are a picky bunch and we're glad of it. Just 8% of the world's cacao bean harvest are honoured with the prestigious Cacao Fino de Aroma label, and these are the only beans that Luker Chocolate will use. Furthermore, not only do Luker Chocolate products taste good, they do good. As a family owned Colombian company, Luker Chocolate are committed to giving local farmers a fair deal and investing in their local community.
• Cocoa nibs are roasted and crushed cocoa beans
• Made from roasted Fino de Aroma cacao nibs from the Huila region of Colombia
• Intense toasted cocoa taste and crunchy texture makes them perfect to use as a decoration, inclusion, 'raw food' or to make bean-to-bar chocolate
• The original health food – a natural product full of fibre, nutrients and antioxidants
• Ethically farmed and produced by Luker Chocolate in Colombia
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