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Chocolat Madagascar

Chocolat Madagascar products taste good and do good. Not only are the cocoa beans in every Chocolat Madagascar product grown locally and sustainably, the whole manufacturing process is conducted locally too. This preserves fresh flavours in chocolate of exceptional quality (winner of the Academy of Chocolate's Golden Bean award none-the-less) and at the same time boosts the local economy, bringing skilled employment and funding investment in wider social benefits.

From seed to tree to cocoa to delicious chocolate. All of Chocolat Madagascar’s world class products are grown and produced in Madagascar. Exporting world class chocolate from Madagascar creates a greater economic benefit for the Malagasy people than just exporting cocoa only. Also by growing the fine cocoa in a rainforest environment, Chocolat Madagascar are creating a sustainable and growing haven for the endangered animals and fauna of Madagascar.

Due to the unique rainforest soil and climate environment the cacao speciates and develop their own unique fruity flavour profile. Therefore, Chocolat Madagascar do not need to chemically manipulate and enhance or even add flavours to their dark and milk chocolates. When they do need to add an emulsifier they only use sunflower lecithin.

Discover all the delicious creations you can make using Chocolat Madagascar here.

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