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Chill out this Christmas

Chill out this Christmas

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Make gelato to order in just eight minutes.

Every chef appreciates a helping hand in the kitchen – and this clever gadget could be your new best friend.

Carpigiani’s Freeze&Go allows chefs to make small amounts of fresh artisan gelato or sorbet (half a litre at a time) in just eight minutes.

Whether you’re testing out new flavours or need gelato in a hurry, you are guaranteed to ‘keep your cool’.

It’s the smallest professional batch freezer in the Italian company’s range but uses the same technology as the larger models in the range.

The process

  • Pour the chilled mix into the cup.
  • Press go.
  • Wait for the ‘ready’ alarm and light.


  • The production quantity is 120g minimum and 500g maximum per cycle.
  • The cycle time is only around 7-8 minutes (depending on recipe).
  • The end result is a smooth, consistent and fragrant product at the optimum temperature and density (not a block of ice).
  • The Freeze&Go is designed to make single or a few portions each time for service immediately.
  • You can of course store the product for future if you wish.
  • The finished product that is made on demand and served there and then is fine dining quality.

Who’s using it?

  • The Freeze&Go is proving a useful addition in restaurants and hotels, particularly fine dining venues where chefs are using it to make both sweet and savoury gelato as well as sorbet. Private dining chefs, yacht owners and high-end home users have also fallen for its appeal, compact size and ingenuity, as have coffee shops, bakeries and cocktail bars.

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