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Cocktail and drinking trends for 2021

Cocktail and drinking trends for 2021


By Luca Cordiglieri, of the UK Bartenders Guild

 The Covid-19 pandemic that hit us this year has changed consumers’ drinking habits and will have a big influence on how and what we drink in the coming year…

Drinking at home

With bars being forced to close during lockdown, a great number of venues turned to delivering the experience, bottling cocktails and setting up e-commerce sites. Platforms like Deliveroo and Uber Eats have been there to lend a helping hand with deliveries, and we expect this to continue in the year ahead.

Upping their cocktail / brewing skills

With more time at home people have been fine-tuning their cocktail making skills. Also cider and beer brewing at home has seen an increase in online searches.

Stay local

As working from home becomes the norm for many beyond Covid-19, consumers are keen to support venues on their doorsteps, and drinking and eating locally will continue to see an increase.


Consumers are much more concerned about the planet, the products they buy and the impact of that product on the environment. Diageo is about to launch paper-based bottles and other companies will follow.

Low alcohol

Non-alcoholic and low alcohol drinks are still on the rise. People are much more health aware these days and the tendency is to drink less alcohol. However, the demand for flavour is still there so non-alcoholic cocktails will see the same level of creativeness as alcoholic ones.

Hard seltzers

These low alcoholic sparkling waters, often flavoured with fruits, are growing in popularity. The trend started in the US and it’s slowly transferring over here.

Less is more

Minimalism is on the rise. The cocktail trend for 2021 will be fewer ingredients and understated garnishes. It’s all about quality – of the liquid, the ice and the vessel.

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