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Chocolat Madagascar wins three Great Taste Awards

Chocolat Madagascar wins three Great Taste Awards

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Sometimes it seems the news is all doom and gloom, especially at the moment. So, we’re delighted to bring you some good news... Chocolat Madagascar, the supplier of single origin Madagascan chocolate won big at this year’s Great Taste Awards, taking home not one but three awards!

The Awards

Of tens of thousands of products sent in from 106 different countries. Chocolat Madagascar snatched the following awards in the chocolate bar category.

Single plantation Domaine MAVA dark 75% cocoa – Took home the highest award of three stars. Described by the judges as ‘extraordinarily tasty’. Only 6 chocolate bars won this highest award.

Single plantation Domaine VOHIBINANY dark 70% cocoa – Took home a two-star award.

Single origin organic dark 70% cocoa – Took home a one-star award.

Having won various Great Taste awards over the last three years Chocolat Madagascar were also crowned the overall ‘Great Taste Producer’ in 2020.

The Chocolate

The judges were full of praise for the Chocolat Madagascar bars saying:

The MAVA dark 75% cocoa bar exudes quality. It is a glossy dark bar with a stylish geometric pattern and satisfying snap which delivers a delicious journey. There are dark berry flavours at the beginning, the fruity acidity followed by comforting caramel notes and a long-lasting cocoa depth on the finish. A beautifully rounded chocolate.

The VOHIBINANY dark 70% cocoa bar is dark and elegant without a huge amount of shine but with a good clean snap. It has a smooth melt and creamy mouth feel, revealing long, dusky cocoa flavours with subtle notes of caramel, hazelnut, perhaps, and a touch of berry on the finish. A rich and satisfying chocolate.

The single origin organic dark 70% cocoa bar is a fine dark chocolate with flavour notes of fruit raison, citrus and mulled wine. A smooth melting, fine textured and long finish chocolate.

What an Achievement

The whole Malagasy team in Madagascar led by Marcel Ramanandraibe and family are proud to achieve these awards in a very challenging COVID climate, from the MAVA and VOHIBINANY cocoa farmers, through to the team crafting the fine chocolate in Antananarivo.

Chocolatier and Technical Director Hery Andriamampianina, said “We are honoured to be recognized as a Great Taste Producer (cocoa grower and chocolate maker), It's a great encouragement for all of us to push ahead and keep on improving.”

Whilst Export Manager, Nicolas Randrianarimalala adds “Winning these awards helps raise positive awareness that Madagascar can provide world class fresh and fine gourmet chocolate crafted at origin.”

Finally Neil Kelsall, Director said “It is a great achievement for Madagascar to win even more recognition in the world, which we hope will help develop more exports and investment and to contribute to developing a sustainable economy for Madagascar.”

Try it for yourself

At Henley Bridge we stock over thirty of Chocolat Madagascar’s ethically sourced single origin chocolate. Browse our range today.

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