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Think cocoa, think deZaan

Think cocoa, think deZaan

We’re pleased to launch the new deZaan range of cocoa powders for professionals!

deZaan view cocoa differently and have made it their mission to share the vast potential of cocoa with the world.

We couldn’t help but get excited by their story and mission!

Why deZaan?

deZaan helps chefs, bakers and pâtissiers to go beyond the limits of working with chocolate and standard cocoas for the very first time.

Whilst the range covers the conventional varieties of fat and colour; from red to brown and also black, with low and high-fat contents, each product also has a unique flavour profile, which can be food paired and flavour matched.

Precision and Passion

deZaan was founded in 1911 as a cocoa pressing plant on the banks of the Zaan River in the Netherlands and bring precision and passion to every part of the cocoa process.

Flavours and Ingredients

deZaan flavour profiles range from fruity to bitter cocoa, whilst the colours extend from vibrant reds to dark brown through to black with a variety of taste profiles and intensities.

The range includes cocoa powders with fat contents of 10-12, 20-22 and 22-24%. Natural and alkalised options are also available across the full pH range.

Whichever powder you use, it will provide a rich, full flavour and colour impact in your application.

Fair and sustainable

deZaan know how important it is to source their cocoa responsibly and they make sure that as well as being of the highest quality and flavour, their cocoa is sourced in a way that is good for smallholder farmers, their families, communities and the environment.

deZaan is part of Olam Cocoa, the world’s foremost, focused supplier of sustainably sourced cocoa beans and cocoa ingredients. So, when you buy a deZaan ingredient, you are supporting the aims of Cocoa Compass, Olam Cocoa’s sustainability ambition for the future of the cocoa sector. 

Not Long Now!

We have the full range in stock and ready to order, but if you want to try before you buy order a free sample pack now.

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