Gelato filled macarons

Macarons are trending in a big way right now and are the darling of social media, with over five million photos posted on Instagram alone!

A versatile product, they can be used as decorations, toppings and inclusions for other desserts and freakshakes, or served pick 'n' mix style as part of a takeaway treat.

Gelato filled macarons take this trend further, providing a quirky twist on the traditional sweet treat.

Keep changing up your flavours to keep your customers coming back for more and sell in prepacked tubs of x6 and x8.  You could offer a combination of gelato filled chocolates and macarons for maximum choice.


Ingredients for the filling


1 litre White base

80g Irca Joygelato Strawberry Paste



1 litre White base 

100g Irca Joygelato Pistachio Paste 

25g Sosa Dextrose



1 litre White base

30g Irca Joygelato White Vanilla Paste



1 litre White base

200g Belcolade Dark Chocolate

50g Sosa Dextrose


Wild Berry: 1 litre White base

80g Irca Joygelato Frutti De Bosco Paste


Orange: 1 litre White base

80g Irca Joygelato Orange Paste



Fill a piping bag with your gelato and pipe into your macaron then freeze. 

Due to the high sugar content of macarons, they can be eaten directly from the freezer, but to fully appreciate the gelato/ice cream flavour allow to warm for five minutes.


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