Mango Sponge with Clotted Custard

This sponge recipe is super quick to cook in the microwave and has an amazing light texture. Serve with a passion fruit emulsion and mango caviar.

Mango sponge


250ml water

27g Sosa Albumina

35g Sosa Mango Powder

35g caster sugar

35g plain flour

Clotted custard


750g double cream

250ml whole milk

170g Essential Cuisine Creme Anglaise Mix

Passion fruit emulsion


80g Leonce Blanc Passion Fruit Puree

20g sugar syrup

5g Sosa Natur Emul

225ml vegetable oil

Mango caviar


250g Leonce Blanc Mango Puree

12g Sosa Vegetal Setting Powder


With a hand blender process all of the ingredients for the mango sponge until a batter is formed.  Transfer to a cream whipper and charge with gas.

With a skewer make a couple of holes in the bottom of a plastic cup. Dispense 30g of mixture into a plastic cup and cook for 30 seconds in a 600w microwave.

For the clotted custard mix 50ml of milk with the Essential Cuisine Creme Anglaise Mix.  Bring the rest of the milk and the cream to the boil. Pour half the milk onto the base mix and whisk until dissolved. Pour back onto the milk and return to the heat. Stirring constantly bring back to a simmer for 2-3 minutes or until the mixture coats the back of a spoon. Remove from the pan to avoid burning the mixture. Chill until ready to use and it will thicken like clotted cream.

For the passion fruit emulsion, use a hand blender to blend together the passion fruit puree, sugar syrup and Sosa Natur Emul until fully combined. Continue blending and slowly add the oil until emulsified.

For the mango caviar, combine ingredients and bring to the boil. Using a syringe or squeezy bottle, drop the mixture into oil to form the caviar. Strain and wash mango caviar under cold water before serving.