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If you want true Belgian chocolate, then Belcolade is the way to go. Like their compatriot Tin Tin, Belcolade's team adventure across the globe to source the finest cocoa beans and then bring them back home to Belgium. Every step of the manufacturing process is then conducted in Belgium in the classic Belgian style. The result? Chocolate with outstanding flavour, texture and functionality.

Belcolade is part of the sustainable cocoa sourcing programme, Cacao-Trace. Their main focus being taste improvement and creating value for everyone involved, from the cocoa farmer to you the customer. Cocoa farmers across the globe are empowered to obtain the highest possible income, manage their plantations with greater autonomy, and spend more time on other activities on their plantation. Not only is training provided , but they can expect predictable payments and an additional premium for the quality of their beans and a bonus for every kilo of Cacao-Trace chocolate sold. Which could be as much as a month's extra salary per year!

With Belcolade chocolate you can expect a superior taste. This is because traditionally, different quality cocoa beans are blended together to get a standardised quality and taste. Cacao-Trace products takes a different approach, by selecting their beans for character and making sure everyone passes their quality check. They also ferment their beans in post-harvest centres under the supervision of experts. Making sure that the natural taste fully develops and can eventually be expressed in the final product.

Experience the outstanding taste of Belcolade chocolate in different applications with our large selection of recipes.

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