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A taste of Tuscany - Filippo Berio joins the Henley Bridge range

A taste of Tuscany - Filippo Berio joins the Henley Bridge range

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We're proud to welcome Filippo Berio, a company rich in heritage, to our ever-expanding range. The selection consists of 18 products in a variety of sizes, including premium olive oils, flavoured oils and vinegars.   

Managing director, Tracey Hughes, commented: 

"We're thrilled that Filippo Berio has chosen us to be their UK foodservice distributor. It's a brand of heritage which is much sought after by professional chefs and is a great fit for our expanding stable of products."

"Their foodservice range is comprised of exceptional ingredients created specifically to meet and exceed the needs of demanding chefs and diners, offering superb flavour, quality and flexibility."

Olive oils

From the distinctly rich and fruity to the subtle hints of dried fruit, Filippo Berio's oils are made from the finest quality olives and have something to offer every chef, baker and maker. Suitable for adding flavour, as a cooking base or simply as a drizzle, these premium oils can be beautifully paired to enrich any dish. Varieties are available in 1l in glass bottles, while the everyday olive oil and sunflower oil are supplied in convenient 5l PET bottles.  

Filippo Berio olive oil

The select range of flavoured oils are a delightful addition and are available in four flavours: basil, truffle, chilli and garlic. Each premium olive oil is generously infused with pieces or flakes to create authentic flavour and aroma, and are supplied in 250ml or 1l glass bottles. 


The vinegars include the expertly crafted Gran Cru balsamic which contains 10 year aged vinegar, providing a rich flavour with woody notes and hints of fruits. The distinctly rich red wine vinegar and mild and fruity white wine vinegar also feature, providing an excellent variety of flavour profiles. 

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Find inspiration in the Filippo Berio range or explore sweet and savoury recipes, including Stracciatella olive oil ice cream, olive oil panna cotta or peach salad with cashew cheese sauce

Filippo Berio vinegar

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