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The Puratos Cacao Trace programme: chocolate that tastes great and does good

The Puratos Cacao Trace programme: chocolate that tastes great and does good

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Puratos making progress in the cocoa supply chain

The Puratos Cacao-Trace programme is continuing to lead the way in sustainable practices, in cocoa production. 

Puratos, who are behind the Belcolade brand, have reported their achievements across six key areas they have addressed. The figures endorse the ongoing success of this revolutionary project.  


Cacao-Trace was launched in 2013 after the company decided to develop its own approach for better control of the cocoa chain.  

The programme is validated by independent, third-party certification and focuses on taste improvement rather than productivity. This initiative also works on improving typical industry standards of training cocoa farmers and fair pricing.

The six areas this scheme aims to improve are: 

  1. Farmer poverty 
  2. 95% small families and poor working conditions 
  3. Farmers earn only 6% of value 
  4. Deforestation 
  5. Child labour 
  6. Gender inequality

Superior quality, better taste

Central to the Cacao-Trace programme is proper fermentation. Belcolade’s team of experts work closely with cocoa farmers to help them to produce cocoa beans of superior quality. This is key to creating chocolate that tastes great and, in turn, generates more income for the farmers.  

For every kilo of Cacao-Trace chocolate sold, Puratos charges customers 10 cents, in Euro currency. The company then collects this money and sends it back to cocoa farmers. The proceeds from the 'Chocolate Bonus' are forwarded directly to the farmers and into community funding projects. 

  • 17% paid in cash, directly to the farms
  • 83% funds community projects in countries without basic living conditions

Puratos Cacao Trace programme illustration

Great taste, doing good  

In 2022, the goal of exceeding 2 million Euros of Chocolate Bonus was achieved!

The programme reached 15,273 farmer families as part of seven active programmes in the following areas: 

  • Mexico
  • Ivory Coast
  • Cameroon
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Uganda
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • Papua New Guinea

Reporting back to Puratos on their Cacao-Trace programme, Bernadito Ancero said,

"It's really life-changing. Our everyday life has been better because of Cacao-Trace. I've sent my grand children to school. I have helped my children produce their own cacao."

In addition, a huge 215,491 trees have been planted in previously degraded forests.

The Chocolate Bonus project

The 2022 Chocolate Bonus community projects included:

Cacao Trace 2022

Sylvestre Awono, the group cacao manager at Puratos has said,

"At Cacao-Trace, we master the fermentation process to ensure our chocolate and cocoa-based products have a great taste. Doing good is our focus so Cacao-Trace farmers benefit from the value they create." 

We're excited to see how this project continues to develop - doing good within the cacao chain, while making chocolate that tastes great! 

You can continue reading about Cacao-Trace with the Puratos report or our Belcolade Cacao-Trace space, where you'll also find Cacao-Trace products and delicious recipes.

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