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New chocolate cups and décor

New chocolate cups and décor

We are delighted to introduce two new suppliers to the Henley Bridge family, Confiletas, chocolate cups and Barbara Decor, chocolate décor, we’ve handpicked these suppliers for the quality, consistency and visual appeal of their products. These new offerings provide a wide array of options for pastry chefs, chocolatiers and bakers to add sophistication and the wow factor, to elevate their creations.

We have a wide range of chocolate décor, in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, including blossom curls, chocolate tagliatelle and handmade chocolate roses. All made from high-quality chocolate using precision technology.

Whilst we also have a selection of thirteen chocolate cups, ranging in size and shape from round to square to hexagonal and much more. The extra thin and light chocolate cups contain 52% minimum cocoa. Each product has a great flavour to compliment your dish. 

By adding these to your cakes or desserts, you can take your dishes to the next level, both in terms of appeal and price point. This is especially important in the current market as more and more consumers are looking for 'Instagrammable' food, with 6% of millennials globally taking a picture or video before eating.

While you want to satisfy your customers' needs, you also have to consider the time and manpower put into creating these looks. By using ready-to-fill chocolate cups and chocolate décor, you’re free to focus on producing your creations whilst retaining that high-end look, safe in the knowledge your profit margins won’t be affected.

So, why not give them a try! 

Barbara Decor

To help you stay on-trend, Barbara Luijckx (launched in 1991) uses their fascination with using chocolate as a raw material and technology that wouldn't look out of place in Silicon Valley, to produce innovative, high-quality chocolate décor.


Confiletas the first Spanish manufacturer of food bases (founded in 1989) lends their drive to save costs and reduce preparation time.


Browse and buy our range of chocolate cups and décor.


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