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There's no place like Home

There's no place like Home

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Christmas has come early for home cooks and bakers with the launch of a revolutionary Sosa Home Gourmet range!

Sosa, one of the leading manufacturers of premium ingredients for gastronomy and pastry professionals in the world is launching ‘Home Gourmet’, providing aspirational home cooks with access to over 30 sensational products, which had previously been the reserve of professional chefs.

Available exclusively in the UK through Henley Bridge, this innovative launch means foodies can now emulate the revered cooking techniques previously reserved for Michelin-starred restaurants and hotels, and create gourmet dishes in the comfort of their own homes.

Game-changing products

The ever-growing popularity of TV cooking shows has fuelled interest amongst the general public to learn culinary skills and techniques, but they have not always been able to locate some of the more complex ingredients to achieve them – until now.

For the first time ever, these incredible tricks of the trade are being unleashed in the public domain, offering limitless possibilities to creative home cooks.

The next level

The Sosa Home Gourmet range includes:

• Home Sugar and Salt, including Viking smoked salt, salt crystals with truffle, sugar with yuzu and liquid glucose
• Home Décor, including Chocolate Peta Crispy, Mango Crispy and Yogurt Wet Proof Crispy
• Home Nuts, including Toasted Almond pure nut paste, traditional Cantonese Caramelisation and Pistachio Pralicroc
• Home Fruit, including fruit confits, lemon cubes and sour cherry all-fruit jam
• Home Colour
• Home Texture

100% natural

Home Gourmet offers over 30 Sosa ingredients, many of which boast 100% natural credentials and are suitable for vegans.

Home Texture comprises four texturisers to help cooks instantly thicken hot or cold sauces, effortlessly create soft gelatines and bind burgers.

Home Colour offers six bold colours (yellow, blue, orange, red, green and black), all made from plant and fruit-based extract powders.

The fruits and nuts are available in a wide range of textures and forms, from confit, jam, sauce, freeze dried, powder, crunchy chunks, caramelised and in pastes.

To see what your future mealtimes look like, click here now.

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