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Duck magret with blackcurrant sauce

Duck magret with blackcurrant sauce

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This delicious duck with blackcurrant sauce dish is packed with flavour. Perfect for an elegant dinner for two. 


400g duck magret
75g shallots
150g red wine
30g butter
5g chives
5g salt
1g black pepper
100g Sosa home gourmet blackcurrant fruit & sauce

Method (for 2 servings)

Using a knife, make cuts in the shape of a grill on the skin of the magret.

Take the magret to low heat for 2 to 3 minutes.

Place the skin side on the saucepan to make it brown and sweat the fat.

Remove the melted fat excess from the saucepan.

Turn up the heat to medium and mark the magret on the other side, seasoning it with salt and pepper when it is half cooked. Finish cooking the magret.

Remove the cooked magret from the heat and leave it to rest for 4 minutes on a grill.

In the same pan brown the chopped shallots for about 8 minutes over a medium-low heat.

Add the wine to the shallots and leave to reduce by half.

Add the fruit & sauce and bind this sauce with the butter.

Slice the magret and place it at the base of the plate.

Sautee and finish by adding finely chopped chives.


Recipe courtesy of Sosa.

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