A sliced fillet of beef with a grated mushroom jus. With sliced mushrooms placed on top and edible flowers placed around the side of the white ceramic plate.

If you aren't keen on the traditional turkey on Christmas Day, why not try this delicious fillet of beef with a grated mushroom jus. 

Prep time 30 minutes | Cook time 45 minutes | Serves 1


200g beef fillet trimmed
2 whole closed cap mushrooms
10g porcini powder
250ml Essential Cuisine veal stock
30g Essential Cuisine mushroom glace
8g Sosa gellan gum



Bring the veal stock, mushroom glace and gellan gum powder to the boil and pour into a container to set in the fridge.

Cut the mushrooms as thin as possible from the cap through to the base of the foot.

Cook the steak medium rare (54°c)


Place the beef in the centre of the plate and using a course microplane, grate the mushroom stock onto the warm steak, cover with thin slices of mushroom and dust with the porcini powder.


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