Pimms dessert

A fresh, vibrant and hugely flavoursome twist on this classic summertime tipple. Fruity jelly and strawberry mousse finished with a lemonade foam brings you all of your traditional flavours incorporated into a surprisingly light dessert.


Pimms jelly

Diced Strawberries
Diced Apples
Shredded Mint
90g Pimms
500g Lemonade
25g Sosa Veggie Gel


Place the diced fruit in the bottom of the glass, whisk the Veggie gel into the Pimms and lemonade and then bring to the boil.

Once boiled pour the jelly mixture into the glass covering the fruit and leave to set.

Strawberry mousse

125g Milk
50g Strawberry compound
25g Sosa Promousse
8g Sosa Instangel
135g Belcolade White Chocolate (melted)
210g Whipped cream


Blend together the milk, strawberry compound, Promousse and Istangel for a couple of minutes, add the melted white chocolate.

Fold through the whipped cream and place in a piping bag.

Lemonade foam

250g Lemonade
25g Sosa Proespuma
To serve
Garnish with fresh mint.

This delightfully light yet rich dessert oozes summer time