Three vanilla marshmallow and hazelnut gianduja spirals cut into different sizes, one laying on its side and two standing up.

The light and fluffy vanilla marshmallow and rich hazelnut Gianduja combine to make this combination of textures a truly delightful dessert.

Makes 4 

Vanilla bean marshmallow


45g Gelatin powder - 220 bloom

95g water

570g sugar

190g water

175g Sosa Invert sugar

250g Sosa Invert sugar

18g Norohy vanilla


Rehydrate the gelatine powder in the water and leave to soak.

Cook the smaller portion of invert sugar, the sugar, the split and scraped vanilla and the water at 230°F (110°C). In the bowl of a stand mixer, combine the cooked syrup with the remaining invert sugar.

Melt the gelatine in the microwave, then combine with the hot sugar mixture and beat until a ribbon forms.

Pour out the marshmallow at 95-105°F (35-40°C). Store in a dry place.


Hazelnut gianduja filling


150g 66% Hazelnut praliné

2250g Dark gianduja 34%


Melt the dark gianduja and the praliné at 115°F (45°C).

Temper so that it cools to 75-80°F (24-26°C).


Assembly and finishing

Make the marshmallow, then pour 300g into each 4mm-tall ganache frame placed over a greased baking mat. Leave to set.

Temper the praliné and the dark gianduja.

Put a 4mm-tall ganache frame on top of the marshmallow frames, then pour on and spread out 600g of tempered gianduja.

Leave to set, then turn out.

Roll the dessert up so that the gianduja is layered in between the marshmallow.

Leave to set, then use a bread knife to cut the dessert into rounds of your preferred size.


Recipe courtesy of Norohy