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Riso Gallo is a sixth generation, family-owned business which has built a global reputation over 160 years as a premium producer of Italian and speciality rice products.

Experience and history in rice growing

Established in 1856, Riso Gallo is one of the oldest rice-growing companies in Italy. It was founded by Giobatta Preve who started trading grains between Argentina and Italy to meet the requirements of the South American market. In 1926, the company moved to Robbio Lomellina in the heart of the province of Pavia – one of the most well-known rice-growing regions.

Home to roost-er

The company started using images of animals to identify the different varieties of rice in the 1940s - and the now-famous cockerel/rooster symbol was created. All of Gallo's products are 100% grown, milled and packed in Italy.


Sustainable supply chain

Riso Gallo is the only European rice miller with authentic rice products made from certified sustainable farming. In an industry first, its products are packed in recyclable
plastic in vacuum packs and FSC certified cardboard. The company is verified by independent auditors, including the Sustainable Rice Platform and Farm Sustainability Assessment, as well as being ISO certified. All electricity used by the company is from 100% renewable sources since 2016.

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