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Norohy is committed to making the vanilla world more virtuous. From “Noro” and “Rohy” in Malagasy, which means light and link, their name is a perfect illustration of their mission: to create links between producers and chefs to highlight this exceptional raw material.

Norohy is ethically sourced from eastern Madagascar’s Maroantsetra and Mananara regions and the French Polynesia islands of Tahaa. After being harvested and selected, the pods are processed and refined using traditional techniques.

The long refining process allows them to attain all their excellent quality and they are monitored with the utmost care through every step in the process. Traditional skills are also used to sort pods into similarly sized bunches and in the case of the Madagascan pods they are then bound with raffia.

Norohy’s premium vanilla pods have aromatic profiles sought after by top pastry chefs, with a high vanillin content and floral aromas.

Our selection of recipes, will help you get creative with Norohy vanilla pods.

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