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Prova Gourmet

Prova Gourmet is a French, family-owned business specialising in the production of sweet brown extracts, flavours, and vanilla.

Flavour fanatics

Prova Gourmet’s flavour experts have created a complete range of vanilla flavours - each with its own unique taste signature. Their ready-to-use vanilla beans, pastes, extracts and powders provide quality, consistency and ease of use for busy chefs. Prova Gourmet’s coffee unique extracts are made by taking the best selection of beans and extracting their very essence at the factory in the Loiret region of France.

Extraction experts

Diverse technological production tools differenciate Prova from its competition and give it its strength. Their innovative extraction techniques best capture the essence of raw

Caring for the planet and people
Prova Gourmet is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and preserving biodiversity by taking care and taking action for a better world. This is achieved through the sustainable management of its natural resources and the optimisation of the company’s production, transportation and consumption methods.

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