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República del Cacao

República del Cacao create the most authentic Latin American chocolate hand in hand with local communities, developing sustainable fine cacao production at its source.

History & purpose:

República del Cacao was born with a purpose: to create the most authentic Latin American chocolate working together with local communities and developing sustainability fine cacao production at its source. The actions we have taken have allowed us to become a local brand with a global impact. We create chocolates with excellence and dedication, with the support of expert chocolatiers that are in charge of taking the flavours and aromas of fine cacao of our region to the world. Our products have an added  value thanks to the technological advancement and professional knowledge that we use in our production.


The commitment to protect fine cacao in our region and the farmer goes beyond purchasing it at a fair price; it also extends to technical support and the implementation of good practices of responsible agriculture by promoting the protection of the native variety of fine cacao. In República del Cacao, we conceived our strategic vision as a model of “Sustainable Business.” Looking to strengthen impactful relationships by involving different actors in our value chain: from suppliers, clients, and collaborators to strategic allies. Our sustainability strategy is based on a triple impact: social, environmental, and economic, integrated transversally in our business through a strategic framework. This strategy guides the decisions of all our business units to obtain profitable growth and long-term shared value.

BCORP Certification:

Along our way, we have met the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and corporate social responsibility in order to balance profit and purpose.  We are proud to receive the B Corp certification as recognition of our efforts to develop an economic model that is more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable for all. Our objective is to create a global community of producers, clients, and allies conscious and willing to develop their businesses more responsibly and sustainability.

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