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Henley Bridge welcome an exclusive new range from Prova Gourmet

Henley Bridge welcome an exclusive new range from Prova Gourmet

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Experts in extraction

We are delighted to unveil an exclusive new range of vanilla and coffee ingredients from Prova Gourmet

The Prova Gourmet range will offer cost-effective and time-saving solutions for busy chefs, bakers, mixologists, ice cream makers and chocolatiers with 23 game-changing products on offer. 

Prova Gourmet vanilla cheesecake

Tracey Hughes, Managing Director of Henley Bridge, commented: “We’re really excited to be launching this fantastic new brand into the UK and are confident it will be a big hit. The comprehensive range of products means all bases are covered, whatever the application, guaranteeing a flavour sensation for any creation.”

Prova Gourmet

Manufactured in France, Prova Gourmet is a female-led company with over 75 years’ experience specialising in the production of sweet extracts and flavours. The range includes vanilla beans, extracts and sugar, along with coffee extracts and a delicious selection of flavoured cocoa butters

Beans from around the world

The prestigious vanilla bean range offers different flavour profiles from different origins: 

The Unique – Madagascar – intense and woody

The Subtle – Papua New Guinea – spicy and fruity

The Surprising – Tahiti – sweet and fruity 

The Outstanding – Uganda – woody and powdery

Prova Gourmet ingredient line up

Exclusive offerings

Prime examples of our new and exclusive range from Prova Gourmet include: 

Tahitensis vanilla extract with seeds

Vanilla powder made from 100% whole vanilla beans

Colombian Arabica authentic single origin coffee extract 

Complex slow cold brew Arabica coffee extract 

Fusion – flavoured cocoa butter in three flavours: coffee, rum and vanilla

Sugar with Bourbon Madagascan vanilla extract

Find inspiration

Explore the full Prova Gourmet range to see the options or find inspiration with a vanilla Bourbon cheesecake, vanilla cake or the inventive vanilla cloud.  

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