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Royal rack of lamb

Royal rack of lamb

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Indulge in this decadent pistachio-crusted rack of lamb, accompanied by miniature cubed fondant potatoes, broad beans and carrot and celeriac puree, served alongside a beautifully tart cherry kirsch jus.

Fondant potatoes



4 potatoes

Essential Cuisine Light vegetable stock powder

50g butter

5 cloves of garlic

2 sprigs of rosemary

Cut potatoes into equal 2cm cubes.

Warm pan.

Add butter, garlic cloves, rosemary sprigs and potatoes.

Cook potato cubes on each side till they’re golden.

Add the vegetable stock until half way up the potatoes.

Put pan in oven for 10 minutes or until cooked through till soft

Pistachio-crusted lamb rack 



75g Shelled pistachio nut kernels 

4 bone lamb rack (French trimmed) 

2 tbsp French mustard

Roast pistachios.

Put pistachios into mixer and blitz until it is a coarsely ground crumb.

Sear lamb rack on all sides until caramelised.

Coat with French mustard. 

Then cover generously with pistachio crumb.

Cook lamb in oven until medium rare (60–65°C).

Leave to rest.

Carrot and celeriac puree 



4 carrots 

Half a celeriac 

50g butter 

1 chopped onion 

Essential Cuisine Light vegetable stock powder mixed with water (depending on consistency)

Salt & pepper 

Add chopped onion to a pan with a little oil. 

Cook until translucent.

Add chopped carrots and celeriac.

Cover with vegetable stock.

Cook until the vegetables are soft.

Drain veg stock into a container.

Blitz the mixture and add leftover veg stock until the desired consistency.

Add butter, salt and pepper to taste.

Cherry kirsch jus 



5 tbsp griottines in Kirsch

6 tbsp Essential Cuisine Lamb glace 

2 tbsp Essential Cuisine Premier Lamb jus paste

1 chopped shallots 

Water (depending on thickness) 

Chop shallots.

Heat pan, add butter and chopped shallots.

Add lamb glace, lamb jus paste and water into a pan.

Reduce down.

Sieve to remove the shallots.

Half griottines cherries.

Add griottines and kirsch to taste to the mixture and leave on low heat. 



Prepare fondant potatoes.

Cook puree.

Make the jus and keep simmering on low heat to reduce.

Sear lamb rack.

Cook fondant potatoes.

Blend puree.

Coat lamb rack with the mustard and in pistachio crumb.

Plate and enjoy! 

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