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The retro revolution

The retro revolution

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“Retro puddings are going to be big news – but always with a twist,” advises Henley Bridge Development Chef Samantha Rain. “The twist could be swapping out a traditional flavour profile for something more on trend, or an update in how that dish is presented, so that it tastes the same but looks completely different from the original dessert.”

Top of the sweet treats will be 1970s favourite, the trifle. “Whilst a classic sherry trifle will hit the spot for some, why not experiment with some different flavour profiles to give this nostalgic dish a 21st century makeover? Also, give some thought to how you plan to serve them. Individual or family style glassware is vital to show off the different layers, and be bold with your toppings. Macarons, gingerbread men, chocolate stars – literally anything goes!”

A trifle too far?

Mix things up with these adventurous flavour combos: 

Chocolate trifle with layers of chocolate mousse, mascarpone, chunks of brownie and dulche de leche 

Clementine and prosecco 

Apple and custard

Baileys and Caramilk 

Peach, rose and custard

Blood orange and Campari

Fig, port and pistachio

Rhubarb and gingerbread

Ginger and passionfruit

Coconut, strawberry and gin

Back to black

Black Forest is another key flavour trend which is presenting in various guises having morphed from the original, beloved gateau. Chocolate and cherry is a pairing that never goes out of favour. Perfect as a winter trifle, you can also ‘branch’ out with a Black Forest yule log, or how about a Black Forest mess with lashings of kirsch?!

Roll with it

Get your customers in the round with a trip down memory lane to the frozen aisle – and a heavenly Artic roll. Don’t just stick to vanilla ice cream wrapped in jammy sponge though. Make it your own with a mash-up of different flavours. 

Swiss rolls and roulades will also satisfy cravings for nostalgia in the post-covid era, again with flavour updates. Try a mint and white chocolate roulade for a dessert that looks, as well as tastes, like Christmas, lemon sponge with orange cream, or coffee with walnut cream. 

Merry meringues and pretty profiteroles

Other retro puddings headlining dessert menus this Christmas include Baked Alaska and pavlova mash-ups, posh blancmange and panna cotta in festive flavours such as eggnog or fig leaf. Profiteroles are always a big hit, but why not try arranging them to make Yuletide wreath with colourful icing, instead of chocolate sauce? 

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