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Dragon’s beard candy

Dragon’s beard candy


Traditional hand pulled sugar candy with a modern twist of hazelnut and cocoa.

Cocoa dusting flour


460g tapioca starch

48g deZaan crimson red cocoa powder

31g beetroot powder


In a 180°C/355°F pre-heated oven, toast the tapioca starch for about 15 minutes.

Remove to cool and mix deZaan crimson red cocoa powder and beetroot powder to the starch well.

Sift to remove any lumps.

Cooked sugar


630g sugar

195g corn syrup

5g white vinegar

360g water


In a pot, combine all ingredients and boil until the temperature of the syrup reaches 130°C/265°F.

Do not stir as it may crystallise the sugars.

Remove from heat to cool slightly for about 2 minutes.

Pour into 8 small round containers for about 100g-120g in each.

Cool the mixture thoroughly overnight.

Toasted hazelnuts


400g hazelnuts


In a 180°C/355°F pre-heated oven, toast the hazelnuts for about 8-12 minutes or until light golden brown.

Cool and roughly chop the hazelnuts.



Remove the cooked candy from the round containers.

Dust the candy’s exterior generously with the dusting flour to prevent sticking.

Using a metal chopstick or any study sharp stick, poke a hole into the candy, making it a ring shape.

Slowly but firmly stretch the ring larger and evenly (4).

When the candy ring is large enough to fold into an "8" shape, bring both rings together to make 1 ring (5).

Dust the candy with more dusting flour to prevent sticking (6).

Slowly but firmly stretch the double ring until it is large enough to fold into an "8" shape and bring it together to make 1 ring, constantly dusting every time you stretch to prevent sticking (7).

The strands double and get thinner every time it is stretched longer and folded in half (8).

Continue the process from step 4 to step 8 until the candy resembles silk strands.

Using a sharp scissor, after ensuring it is dry and coated with the dusting flour, cut the candy for about 10-15cm long, place a small handful of chopped hazelnuts and gently wrap and roll with the candy until the hazelnuts are fully encased inside.

Consume immediately.

Recipe courtesy of deZaan

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