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Red velvet truffles

Red velvet truffles

20 pcs

Such a simple recipe to make. These melt in the mouth truffles are delicious.


70g cream cheese

50g deZaan Quito Oro cocoa mass

35g deZaan crimson red cocoa powder

25g Casaluker cocoa butter

18g confectioners’ sugar

20g Little Pod vanilla paste

170g cream

45g Belgosuc glucose syrup


Melt the cocoa mass and cocoa butter in the microwave.

With the help of a rubber spatula mix the melted cocoa butter and cocoa mass with cream cheese.

In a small pot bring to simmer cream, glucose syrup, vanilla paste and confectioners’ sugar.

Pour over the cream cheese and mix in 3 parts.

Always mixing with the help of a rubber spatula to emulsify.

Finish the emulsion with a hand blender.

Transfer to a wide container and cover with plastic wrap.

Let set in the refrigerator for 4 hours.

Roll the truffles and cover with crimson red cocoa powder.

Recipe courtesy of deZaan

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