Hoisin duck bites

These hoisin duck bites make a quick appetiser reminiscent of the flavour of Peking duck. Cucumber slices and spring onion balance the richness and make these little bites taste delicious.


Prep time 15 minutes | Serves 4



100g shredded cooked aromatic duck

50g hoisin sauce

50g cucumber

20g spring onion

10g plum furikake

20g white miso

100ml rice wine vinegar

50g caster sugar

5g Sosa Gelcrem Cold

Sliced red chilli pepper

4 x Pidy Premium mini trendy



Mix the duck with some of the hoisin sauce to taste. Spoon into each tartlet.

Cut the cucumber into strips and slice the spring onions diagonally quite thin.

Place the cucumber and spring onions on the small pile of duck meat.

Whisk the miso with some of the rice wine vinegar and add a few pinches of sugar to get that umami taste.

Then blend the mixture with the Gelcrem Cold and leave to hydrate for at least 30 minutes, then blend again.

Pipe a couple of small domes on the sides of the meat.

Finish with a slice of red chilli and a pinch of the Furikake mix.


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